Walking the Talk

Starting probably in april I´ll be walking in Denmark.

I have planned on ´walking Norway Along´ (Norge på Langs) from the very north (Nordkapp) to the very south (Lindesnes) sometime later.

While wandering along I write poems, and I will publish them with pictures on this blog. Updates will hopefully appear regularly depending mostly on coverage.

I have previously hiked in Yosemite, California, in the Dogon country, Mali and along the pilgrim trip to Camino de Santiago. If anyone is interested in sponsoring or interviewing me about walking and poetry just peek-a-boo, it would be very good, please get in touch!   ( you can read more of my poems on https://www.facebook.com/lyrikkfoten  ) 


And my gear list is as follows:

Shoes – Mizuno prophecy

Backpack Haglöfs Lex 110L

Hiking Socks 1000 mile – 2 pairs

Walking socks merino wool (Darn Tough)- 2 pairs

Waterproof socks 1 – Sealskinz

Liners 2 pairs – Nike

Technical boxers 4 (exOfficio)

Technical long-sleeved shirt 1 (REI)

Walking pants and zip off pants (prAna Zion)

Technical shorts 1 (fast drying nylon)

Long johns 1 pair (Ulvang 50fifty)

Technical t-shirts  3

Technical towel 2 (one for dish washing)

Twine and clothespins

Sunglasses (my trusted Robs)

Light camp pants (Nike Up) 1

T shirt cotton for night/camp 2 CK

Underwear cotton 4 lightweight for night CK

Wool cap (Bjørn Dæhli)

Touch gloves

Newsboy Hat

Goretex jacket (Outdoor Research – Valhalla) and pants (Helly Hansen)

Lightweight fleece

Crocks (for rain-walking and camp)


Debit and credit card


A little cash


Dry bags: / 15 l / 1 piece (food) / 1 pc 30 l (compressed to 10 l) / 1 pc 10 l (3 l) – compression e-vent sea two summit

Cotton pads

Hydrogen peroxide 3% (mixed with 1 cup of water for body wash and mouthwash) (in the fridge – remember)

Soap Block (hair and skin) Lano

Folding sink

Cream (Pattesalve or Spenol)

Water balance & salt balance tablets


Footbath soap Tea Tree

Toiletries (/ toothpaste / toothbrush / nail clippers / deo)

Hand Sanitizer


Lens fluid, container, lenses

Head lamp led 3 AAA

Extra Batteries AAA lithium

Power Bank 2  – 1 with 24000 mah 1 with solar

Toilet paper


Duck Tape (1 m around a pencil)

Rain cover for backpack

Mosquito Spray (with succulent amounts of deet)

Medications and prescriptions (incl. melatonin and painkiller)

Vitamins and / omega 3

Moleskin ( blister plasters )

First aid kit


Computer and charger

Extra battery / memory card for digital camera

Mobile broadband router

Cheap long charge mobile for Emergency with extra simcard

2 pairs of in ear headsets


Pocket radio – Sony


Candle Lantern UCO

Tent Big Agnes UL2

REI air mattress queen size

Backpacking chair Alite Mayfly

Silk liner

Sleeping bag lightweight

A pillowcase

Frying pan lightweight 8 ”

Gas canister

Cutlery – titanium

Gas oven

Wind protection for the oven, aluminum

Dish washing clump

Thermos cup

Plastic foldable cup

Water bottle


Plastic dish

Wine and beer opener

Dishwashing soap


Ziplock bags

Dry packaged food about 10 days

Protein powder in zip lock bag


+ Pole 1 Leki

+ hip belt

+ Digital Camera (remember to charge it)

+ IPhone


later provisioning:

a little oil and wine

nuts, peanut butter, cream cheese, crackers, powdered milk, raisins, muesli, boiling coffee

mûesli & chokolate bars

boil in bag quick cooked rice



tomato paste

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