Travels through paradise

Swich, I am beyond the galaxies of Mercur and Venus, smoldering through a starcloud of stringent staples. Swush, I am laundering Saturns rings with all the moons and looking at a bright star so much further out. Kaboom, my supernova imploded and I bought a pass to nevernever land and to my own hard life, rocky life, with astroidic perspectives on time. Further, further, further out where we look like pricks and miniscule flirtatious germs. Usj, germs, I strayed, I strayed to find another single celled organism that would live in the waters of my shallow empire of nothing. Blessed by jealous dark and scary comets, come, come, and hasten thy pace for we need you marvelous dark satire of dirty wicked modern earth. Burn forever in that beautiful star and don´t go nearer our God, or it will perfectly bless your heaven with its disappearance, or maybe not, who cares, I don´t. Only the universe cares what happens to us – so we don´t have to, we don´t have to, only live, breathe, eat, drink and die. What a blessed human existence offered by timetravels to memory, memory, memory. Live again some say, perhaps, or perhaps not, whichever it is I think therefore I am not what I am yesterday: Just a little island on earth, a rock unto myself. Bang, kaboom the intersteller solardrive tiptoed into the world. Jesus save me. Or the sock monster perhaps, I really don’t know but anyway, I hope the Gods of Valhalla don´t wage wars. If afterlife is worse I might as well stay in this galaxy that I know, right? With a little step for mankind each day perhaps, or a little step for myself, or a striptease by a beautiful astroid in the evening light.

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